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5 ways to improve home alarm systems

We’ve covered a number of topics about home security at SLC and this latest blog looks at simple

We’ve covered a number of topics about home security at SLC and this latest blog looks at simple and affordable methods that’ll give your house an extra level of protection. Read our tips on domestic security improvements, we want to keep you safe and sound at home.

  • Upgrade the locks: Examine the locks that are fitted to the doors of your property. Are they the very latest industry-grade security devices or could you pick them with your daughter’s hair slide? Fit new mortice locks and Chubb locks and replace old and antiquated systems with state of the art solutions that are a nightmare to breach for burglars.
  • Change the alarm: How old is the alarm system at the property? If it was fitted back in the 1980s or you inherited the alarm from your home’s previous owner, why not get it replaced to give you an extra level of protection? Cover all access points with a modern alarm system that’s ready to react at the first sign of trouble.
  • Look at your windows: Glazing is a weak spot at your home, burglars like to enter properties through downstairs windows so make sure they are fitted with sturdy locks, and tough, burglar-proof glass is another option to consider as well. Install contacts to the windows and wire them to the alarm, they’ll be ready to react if the frames are tampered with.
  • Hide wiring: If a burglar wants to disable your alarm system they’ll cut the wiring from outside. Don’t give them the opportunity to do this. Conceal the wiring so it’s hidden away and can’t be breached from outside.
  • Use metal bars on patio doors: If you have a sliding patio door place a metal rod in the bottom runner of the door when you leave the property. It’ll prevent burglars from forcing the door open in your absence and hinder their chances of using this option as an access point.

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