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Excellent response times from the monitoring service and ease of use makes us feel secure and safe at all times.

The Quality of the system and installation makes the system feel bullet proof. It never fails and works on time, every time.

We heard of SLC through a family member. The salesman made an appointment, around our schedule, and explained everything fully. During the install it felt like SLC went the extra mile to make us feel in safe hands during the installation and afterwards.

The service is excellent, with reminders for the servicing schedule, engineers that are really professional and friendly - making my wife feel at ease every time we have a service - and very 

Not only would I recommend SLC to anyone I know, I would also recommend that do not use anyone but SLC!

- Mr Stacy Harman


Dear SLC alarms,

I have recently moved house and have had to relocate my services to the new house; this has been done by Email or phone and I have had many moments of frustration when I have  not been able to speak with  a real person or been left listening to inane music for a very long time or have not been called / Emailed back when promised.

I would like  to congratulate you on your  service. I can always speak to a real person quickly and my enquiry is always dealt with promptly. On the few occasions when you have said you will call me back, you always have. Thank you!

With much appreciation for an excellent service

- Ms Jeffreys


I was recommended by my brother who is an existing customer so that’s why I went for an SLC Alarm.  I did have an ADT man come round but I didn’t like him.

Operating the system must be easy if I can do it, I’m not very technical.

I feel safe, knowing that I have police response, so happy! I couldn’t sleep at night before I had this system. That's why I love the part set mode, when the kids are out I put the alarm on downstairs because it makes me feel safe, sometimes they forget it on but I’d have it on as often as possible.

I now know the only way to guarantee the police attending my property is to install a Grade two alarm like an SLC system. This has given me peace of mind and safety especially with the recent burglaries in the area.

- Ms Smith

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About Us

As you know, on 1st August 2010, Sector Alarm UK Ltd was the subject of a management buy-out. This means that the team who have provided our high level of customer service since 2005, have continued so to do, now under the Select Alarm UK flag. Part of the buy-out terms allowed us to continue to trade as Sector Alarm for two years, until August 2012. Now we can distinguish ourselves from Sector and we will forthwith, trade as SLC Alarms. Don't worry, the only changes you will see, are improvements to our offer and service, which this new flexibilty allows. As always , our support desk staff are available during office hours and at all other hours through our monitoring station and our on-call engineers, 24 hours every day, on
0345 55 70 999 / 0345 55 70 544, at local call rates.

We will continue to improve our service to you and we welcome your feedback, only this will highlight the areas where we can develop improved systems to offer you greater protection and security.

Our concentration on providing security to those who own their home, allows our team to concentrate and develop expertise solely in that area, so whenever you call, you will be talking to an expert in our home alarm systems and processes. Only SLC can offer this home alarm focus, as unlike our competitors, we do not supply alarm systems to the commercial sector