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  • I use the system every single day.
  • All the staff are knowledgeable and are able to answer all my questions, I love the fact that I go straight through to someone and not have to press a button to select a department.

- Mrs French

  • I love the fact that a voice from the system tells me the state of it rather than looking at a screen and that the telephone staff can listen to it over the phone.
  • Knowing that if there is an intruder that the alarm system does all the work for me, give me a huge feeling of security,
  • I use the system every day and night.
  • I knew I would feel secure with an alarm system installed, however I did not realise just how secure I felt until I had the system put in.

- Mr Eldridge


  • With the added smoke alarm i feel safe in the knowledge that should my smoke alarm go off, that the fire and ambulance service will be dispatched especially if we don't answer the alarm receiving centre.
  • The monitoring station are always professional clear and provide concise information.
  • The staff are always friendly professional and competent.

- Mr Joslin


  • The home or part-set mode on our alarm system means I can set the downstairs while we are asleep upstairs; this gives me and my family great peace of mind.
  • The Customer Service department provide a quick response and provide great communication and assistance
  • The Engineers are always very friendly, helpful and professional

- Mr. Ajmal


  • Knowing that my alarm system will activate, if an intruder enters, gives me great peace of mind.
  • The Customer service centre is always helpful and friendly. They always try to be accommodating.
  • The Engineers always call me on the day of my service with an estimated arrival time, so I donít have to wait in all day.

- Mrs. Reed

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Jun 24

Do you make these 4 home security mistakes?

Whilst most people are quite security savvy there are some common mistakes that we’re all guilty of. It’s easy to become quite relaxed when it comes to security if you haven’t been victim to theft before but this is when the thieves pounce. In this blog we’ll give 4security mistakes that many people are guilty of and how you can avoid them.

Leaving things unlocked

This is the most common mistake people make. As we have mentioned, people quickly become relaxed in terms of security and take less care to make sure that everything is locked before they leave the house.

This is most common on upper levels of the property, especially on hot summer days. Leaving the window open whilst your out does seem like a good idea when it’s hot, but it’s also an invitation to burglars. An open window gives the thief an easy way into your property and the chance for them to get their hands on your precious belongings.

Hiding keys around the property

This is another all too common problem. “No one will find the front door key if I leave it under this plant pot”. Believe us when we say that burglars are well aware that people do this, and will check every nook and cranny before pulling out their crowbar.

If someone is going to arrive at your property whilst you’re out and need access try and organise another solution. Hiding the key under the mat by the door might seem like a good idea at the time, but you won’t be thinking that when you come home to find all of your belongings have been stolen.

Not activating or utilising alarm systems

It might sound odd, but some people have an alarm system but don’t use it. They think that just by having some sort of alarm on display they’ll be able to deter any burglaries.

These criminals aren’t stupid. They know their trade well and are aware of trends in security and where people fall short. Regardless of whether they see an alarm, they’ll still test the property to see if they can gain entry.

Before leaving the house or going to bed make sure that you always turn on your alarm system! If someone’s breaking in whilst you’re fast asleep nothing is going to alert you to an intrusion like a loud alarm.

A build up of mail

Nothing says “no one will be at this property for a while” like a build up of mail.

If you’re heading on holiday all of your bills, junk mail, subscriptions to Horse and Hound will build up beneath your letterbox. Thieves will check this out. It tells them that you’re away and they can take all the time they need to break in.

To avoid this, ask neighbours, friends or family members to head round to the property and clear all the mail up and move it somewhere out of site. Ask them to always visit at different times of the day too. A thief will take note of schedules and plan the break in around them.

So there you have it, 4 home security mistakes that nearly everyone has been guilty of at some point. With a little foresight and common sense you can make sure that your property is safe from any unwanted thievery. 

Created on 24th June 2013