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  • I use the system every single day.
  • All the staff are knowledgeable and are able to answer all my questions, I love the fact that I go straight through to someone and not have to press a button to select a department.

- Mrs French

  • I love the fact that a voice from the system tells me the state of it rather than looking at a screen and that the telephone staff can listen to it over the phone.
  • Knowing that if there is an intruder that the alarm system does all the work for me, give me a huge feeling of security,
  • I use the system every day and night.
  • I knew I would feel secure with an alarm system installed, however I did not realise just how secure I felt until I had the system put in.

- Mr Eldridge


  • With the added smoke alarm i feel safe in the knowledge that should my smoke alarm go off, that the fire and ambulance service will be dispatched especially if we don't answer the alarm receiving centre.
  • The monitoring station are always professional clear and provide concise information.
  • The staff are always friendly professional and competent.

- Mr Joslin


  • The home or part-set mode on our alarm system means I can set the downstairs while we are asleep upstairs; this gives me and my family great peace of mind.
  • The Customer Service department provide a quick response and provide great communication and assistance
  • The Engineers are always very friendly, helpful and professional

- Mr. Ajmal


  • Knowing that my alarm system will activate, if an intruder enters, gives me great peace of mind.
  • The Customer service centre is always helpful and friendly. They always try to be accommodating.
  • The Engineers always call me on the day of my service with an estimated arrival time, so I donít have to wait in all day.

- Mrs. Reed

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Dec 3

Avoid becoming a crime stat with support from Sector

Browse the latest crime figures from the Metropolitan police and it makes a harrowing read. In October 2013 the total number of residential burglaries throughout the whole of London peaked at 4,857. Greenwich in particular was a crime hot spot in October with local residents reporting 123 incidents involving burglaries. This was a 38.2% increase over last year’s figures which is rather worrying for anyone living in this borough. Obviously we don’t want you to worry at Sector and we’d be more than happy to help you secure your home. Use our services to protect property and person and you won’t be added to the crime statistics for next year.

How we help

Let us design and install an alarm system that suits your personal requirements. Every home is different, the layout is totally unique so use our industry expertise to keep your home safe and sound. Our alarm systems are designed to protect all areas of your home, every single entry point is covered and those vulnerable areas are given all the protection they need. We pick up movement in your property using passive infared detectors and install contacts on doors and window frames so you can sleep soundly in your bed. We know what your home needs to make it burglar-proof, just put our team to the test and let us do the rest!

That’s just the beginning

Once your new alarm system is fitted by our engineers at Sector we offer a comprehensive monitoring service as well. This means we keep our eyes and ears on your home 24 hours a day. We are registered for police response and look after your dwelling whether you are at home, at work or out doing the weekly shop. Our service operators are diligent and alert, they’re on-call 24-7 and ready to assist with any situation.  

Don’t become a statistic

Talk to one of our consultants about improving your home security and avoid being added to the Metropolitan police’s crime figures next year. With crime stats on the rise there’s never been a better time to call Sector Alarms, so give us a call, we’re here to help!

Created on 3rd December 2013