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5 reasons you should install a home alarm system

Although there has been a reduction in the amount of burglaries in the UK there are still around

Although there has been a reduction in the amount of burglaries in the UK there are still around 500,000 committed each year. With this in mind you should ask yourself, is your home properly protected? Unfortunately there are thousands of homes up and down the country that are open to burglars. One of the most effective methods of deterring such crimes is to install home alarm systems. Here we’ll look at 5 reasons why you should install an alarm system today.


The first and most obvious benefit to a home alarm system is that it deters any burglars from attempting to break into your property.

The mere presence of an alarm means that a burglar is much less likely to try and break into your home.  

Why does an alarm deter crime? Because it will make loud noises when triggered! The last thing a thief wants is to be the centre of attention, and that is exactly what an alarm will do.

Fast response time

A good alarm system should alert local authorities and neighbours to a break in as soon as it’s triggered. It’s because of this that they can quickly take action to prevent anything in your home being stolen and the thief getting away.

Without an alarm system the first time you or anyone will hear about a break in is when you arrive home and by this point it’s too late.

Peace of mind

Believe us when we say you’ll sleep easier knowing that you have a good alarm system installed on the property.

Even when you’re away on holiday you’ll be able to relax knowing that even if someone does break in, your alarm system will alert everyone around the home, and the police.


As well as acting as a deterrent and protecting your home, an alarm system could also help you save money. If you have a system installed there is less chance that your home will be broken into and so less chance that they will have to pay out to cover your losses. This is why they’ll offer discount insurance rates.

If you have an alarm system you’re essentially less of a risk to your insurance company.


If you live with someone who is unwell or elderly, or are yourself then having all emergency services just a button away is reassuring. Most alarm systems nowadays come installed with such buttons. As soon as you detect a fire, someone falls ill, or there is a crime you can quickly act and receive a speedy response.

Alarm systems don’t just protect the home, they protect you too.

There really isn’t a reason a home should go without a home alarm system. They offer so many benefits that we guarantee they’ll be worth your while.

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